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Introducing the newest van organization system from Sortimo by Knapheide.

Exxpand is the premier van storage solution for today’s mobile technicians.
Its flexibility in configuration makes it easy for users to organize their vans and optimize their operations.

With Exxpand you can take your tools and parts from your van straight to the job site. 

Give us a call and let us help you EXXPAND your van.

 Sortimo Van Inside

 Sortimo Partition

With Sortimo you can maxximize your space by eliminating dead spaces.

Protexx Partitions divide your work van into two separate zones: the passenger area, which doubles as a mobile office, and the cargo area for storing parts and tools. In the event of an unplanned stop, Protexx Partitions offer an extra level of safety and security.

 Sortimo Shelf Staxx

 Sortimo Rear

The light weight design means more of the much need parts and tools without overloading your van. Which means less trips to and from the jobsite.

 With the ability to go from the van to the jobsite in the same case lets you make fewer trips in and out of the customers house.