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The PGND Gooseneck Body is the top of the line Gooseneck offering from Knapheide. Versatile storage including service body style compartments and a flip top compartment enable you to store a wide variety of  tools and equipment. The integrated gooseneck hitch and receiver hitch systems allow you to haul virtually any trailer. Aluminum tread plate trim give the PGND Gooseneck Body premium styling and appearance.  The Knapheide PGND Gooseneck Body is the ideal work truck for mining, agriculture and many other vocational applications.

For increased functionality, look to Knapheide's PGNDHD Gooseneck Body models which have all the same great standard features as a PGND Gooseneck Body plus a 3/16" treadplate floor (ILO 12 gauge treadplate), slam lock tailgate, and side tie-down rings in the cargo area. 



The PGNC Gooseneck Body is the premier Gooseneck Body from Knapheide.  This Gooseneck Body comes stockpiled with standard features, everything from skirted gooseneck styling to integrated front toolboxes to a complete gooseneck and receiver hitch towing system.  And since it's constructed of rugged 12 gauge tread plate and steel, you know it will be tough enough to withstand even the harshest towing, hauling, and storing conditions.  If you want a Gooseneck Body that will prove it's worth day in and day out, the Knapheide PGNC is the Gooseneck Body for you.


Knapheide's PGNB Gooseneck Bodies have all the bells and whistles any hauler could ever want.  With enough lights to illuminate the night sky and external rub rails for cargo tie downs, the PGNB is stocked with functionality.  No matter if your towing horse trailers or hauling hay bales, the PGNB can be your go to body for your gooseneck or receiver hitch trailer.  So the next time you are searching for a reliable and tough gooseneck body, look no further than Knapheide's PGNB Gooseneck Body.



Knapheide's Heavy-Hauler Junior has external pockets and a tie down rail to ensure your cargo will stay in place and remain secure throughout the haul.  Whether you need a hoist or non-hoist platform, the Heavy-Hauler Junior can do it all.  The Heavy-Hauler Junior has plenty of compatible bulkheads and options in order to make this platform your next piece of equipment.  So if you want a platform that is tough as nails and can take a beating on the jobsite day in and day out, choose the Knapheide Heavy-Hauler Junior. 

 PVMX Stake Side

Knapheide's Value-Master X is the value priced heavy duty platform.  The Value-Master X is available in a wide variety of lengths, ranging from 7' all the way up to 26' and can be upfit to a wide range of chassis applications as well.  The PVMX is Knapheide's most popular platform.  From hay bales to bricks, the Value-Master X has hauled it all.  With durable floor choices ranging from wood to apitong to smooth steel to treadplate overlay, this platform comes with enough different options to make it suitable for your application.  Round this body off with a Knapheide Roughneck Underbody Toolbox and a durable bulkhead and you will be hauling in no time. 


 PGNC-96A With Contractor Package

 The Roughneck Contractor Package combines additional secure storage with extra toolboxes and allows  your Gooseneck Body to haul equipment or supplies in the bed without the fear of losing them on the road.  This option comes available with 6" or 15" tall steel stake racks, depending upon your application.  Stake rack sections cover the open area on the sides and rear of the Gooseneck Body.  The Roughneck Contractor package also includes an Above and Under Body toolbox on each side of the platform (PGNC Roughneck Contractor Package includes only Above Body Toolbox due to integrated toolboxes on side skirts in PGNC models).  Let the Roughneck Contractor Package increase your productivity and storage on your Knapheide Gooseneck Body.